Marketing & Logistics Solutions

Call Ditto is a certified woman owned small business offering marketing and logistics solutions.

We bring planning and execution to the ever-changing platforms to connect with your consumers on and we keep your products moving with fast and reliable Hot Shot Trucking services. 

We understand how important professionalism, brand awareness, communication, attention to detail, quick response times and on time deliveries are in business.

Our primary goal is to build long lasting relationships with our business partners, providing marketing and logistic solutions that best meet the challenges and objectives of the goals at hand.

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Digital and traditional marketing sound like opposites

But you can use them together to achieve huge levels of growth.  Today, digital marketing is a no-brainer for any business that wants to grow.  Digital marketing focuses on highly targeted, results-driven marketing that lets you advertise exclusively to people looking for your products or services. Traditional marketing works because it revolves around media that’s existed for decades so they’re tried-and-true methods of growing your business.  Traditional and digital marketing can transform your business through long-term growth that can create a brand that is the “Coca-Cola” of your industry.

Our company moves your product fast with reliable hot shot trucking services.

We understand fast and reliable hot shot trucking services are invaluable.  Whether it be in energy, oil and gas, construction or automotive, we partner with our clients to ensure that their hot shot freight arrives on time and safely. We keep your products moving with fast and reliable Hot Shot Trucking services.  We understand how important attention to details is, providing professional drivers and on time deliveries.  No matter the size of the load we have hot shot trucking services and transportation options to service your mission.  From hot shot loads that need to go to the next county or ones that need moved to another state, we are ready to be your logistics solution provider. Trust your urgent freight needs to Call Ditto.

Our Cohesive Services :

From traditional advertising channels to more niche services, we’re a full service agency.

Strategic Planning
Brand Development & Positioning
Hot Shot Trucking
Media Planning & Buying
Digital Services
Social Media
Web Design
Search Marketing
Direct Marketing
Event Planning
Grassroots Marketing
Media/Public Relations
Video & Audio Production

Quality Content

By creating quality content our team of experts can drive website traffic and engagement and convert your visitors into leads!

Social Media

Social media is a crucial part of a solid marketing strategy for businesses. Social media delivers measurable results in sales, leads, and branding.

Video Content

Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content and will soon dominate the social media a clear winner over all other types of content.


With marketing you should have a strategic plan that aligns with your company’s goals. Don’t focus on the short-term outcome of marketing, look to the long term. Build sincere value with your product or service and look to help your customers, that should be the foundation. 

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to any type of marketing that isn’t online. This means print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, and outdoor advertising like billboards. From grassroots to radio, this method of marketing helps reach targeted audiences.

ROI and Brand Loyalty

As a business owner you will want to explore the ways that traditional advertising can integrate with a digital strategy as soon as possible. Together we can develop a solid strategy that works for your business as well as a sustainable balance between the two, which will be key to your overall ROI and brand loyalty.

This Is Why We Do It

At Call Ditto, we enjoy cultivating and streamlining processes to help businesses grow.  We help business owners navigate the ebbs and flow of marketing and logistics. We want to be an extension of your team that drives your success.  

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

We do this from the town of Ripley located in Jackson County, West Virginia.  Ripley claims to host the “Biggest Small Town Fourth of July Celebration” in the United States.  On the 4th of July 2002, then President George W. Bush gave a public speech at the town’s courthouse.  Shelly Moore Capito told President George W. Bush he should come meet the town and he did.  Ripley has the classic small town charm which invites you in to the beautiful Appalachian foothills of the Ohio River.  Ripley celebrates the love of country and family throughout the entire year, as our family does at Call Ditto.